The king of the jungle

Background information

Scientific name: Panthera leo

Length: Males 70 - 250 cm Females 140-175

Height: Males up to 123 cm Females low as 91 cm

Weight: Males about 180 kg Females 140

Interesting physical features: claws,mane,night vision,smelling,hearing and teeth


You can find African Lions in Africa.They like hot sunny areas.Sadly now there only 25,000-30,000 lions left in Africa.
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A lion eats almost any thing they can catch. The most common are zebra,giraffe,pig,wildebeest,cape buffalo and antelope. Lions are carnivores. To get the food the lionesses usually go out an hunt. The lions predators are humans.

Interesting facts

  1. A lions heels don't touch the ground when they walk
  2. The darker the lions mane the older the lion
  3. A male lions roar can be heard from 8 km away
  4. Lions are the second largest cats in the world
  5. Lions rest for 20 hours a day.

How The Lion Got It's Mane

The lions mane helps it in battle for territory and other battles.The mane goes around a lions neck and might protect its jugular.