Wink: ELAR Support Day #4

Region 18 Support Date: 4/12/16


Here's what to expect today:

  • Check in: how are things? (re: STAAR, lesson planning, tri-weekly assessments, implementing the "whole cookie" strategy)
  • Resource share
  • Plan the world!

Reminder: Face to Face Training Round 3

Here's the link to Face to Face Training, Round 3 in January:

Austin's Butterfly: Modeling & Drafting

Austin's Butterfly: Building Excellence in Student Work - Models, Critique, and Descriptive Feedback

Gallagher Gems:


  • Using "butterfly" mentor texts for writing (eg: poem, dialogue examples to emphasize punctuation rules)
  • Using Interesting infographics (response: what do you see? what DON'T you see? [eg: what questions do you still have?])
  • Writing every day AND modeling as a "butterfly" your OWN writing and thinking
  • Embedding 1-2 min of revising and editing with writing AND modeling your own
  • Providing passages from pieces already read to practice grammar application

Writing: Following A Logical Progression of Thought

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Resources Recall:

Resources Recall:

  • Recall CommonLit for thematic paired passages & making connections; update: new search feature AND awesome paired passages and media clips

  • Don't forget Newsela for differentiated news articles by lexile level; update: new texts sets for other content areas & improved search feature [Paired Text Selections]

We Live in the Future!

Expeditions: Take your students to places a school bus can't
Google Cardboard Plastic

Other Awesome & Random Resources:

Zaption - Don't just watch. Learn.

TEKS Resource System

  • Resources: STAAR question stems

Links to Previous Support Days:

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Upcoming Training Opportunities:

GT RoundUp Sessions in August

Summer Literacy Academy

When: June 29 & 30

Where: CrossRoads Fellowship, Odessa

Cost: $100


2nd Annual Future Ready Technology Conference

When: Monday, June 6th

Where: Midland College

Cost: $100


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Laura Kile

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