2nd Hand News

Our First Few Days

What a delight it was to finally start our year together! We read stories, learned our way around the 2nd grade room, and reconnected with teachers and friends. We talked about leadership in the lower school, expectations, and goals. We discovered the identity of our mystery pet, Jasper.

Things to look for in the homework folder:

  • Next week's DISMISSAL CHART. Please fill this out with your clear initials and return on Mondays. It goes back and forth every day in your child's homework folder. If you need to make a transportation change, that is not a problem, just call the office and they will let me know.

  • A SPELLING PACKET will come home on Monday. We will introduce a new group of words each week, and 3 related activities are due on Thursdays.

  • PLEASE RETURN emergency forms and school picture information.

  • Reminders: we have Library on Mondays and PE on Tuesday & Fridays.

I'm grateful that I have the opportunity to work with this wonderful group. Thank you for your welcoming spirit and support!

With a smile,
Mrs. Nyce
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