Retailing on the Internet

Done by Walid Saad, 4th class.

Saks Off Fifth

Saks off fifth is a luxury department clothing and accessories store that offer discounted prices on premium clothing and accessories. The store sells the Saks brand name among with a steep discount. It has all of the necessary items to complete an outfit thus providing the full experience and all the necessary items. it has the higher quality items in the mall and considered the premium clothier in the mall.
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Vera Bradley

It is a luggage and handbags store. The store has discounts off the retail. very good display and brand selling. They match belts with handbags with luggage and having matching designers. Thy give very high luxury feeling and product and they have extra products that are better quality but cost a bit more.
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They sell children clothing. They bundle up accessories with clothing and other baby products. They have deep discounts. they have higher quality cloth that feels better.
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Abercrombie & Ficth

American fashion brand known for its trendy & collegiate-inspired casual wear & accessories.. they sell colognes, underwear, clothes, jeans and match items together. they do offer higher quality items.
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Ann Taylor

Ann Inc. is an American group of specialty apparel retail chain stores for women. they emphasize on women's high end apparel. they do have higher qualities of leather and italian made items. they do offer many variants that go along together to up sell
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