Digital Citizenship

A PDSB Focus

What is Digital Citizenship?

According to Mike Ribble's book Digital Citizenship in Schools (2011), digital citizenship entails the “norms of appropriate, responsible behaviour with regard to technology use.” He has identified the nine elements of digital citizenship: Digital literacy, Digital commerce, Digital communication, Digital law, Digital etiquette, Digital security

Digital access, Digital health/wellness, and Digital rights/responsibilities. These Nine elements are aligned with current PDSB Character Traits.

According to a PDSB FAQ on DigitalCitizenship, a good PDSB digital citizen..."follows the school Code of Conduct, Peel Code of Conduct and demonstrates the Peel District School Board Character Attributes when creating, sharing, or sending documents, videos or voice clips on the board network. Teachers, administrators and students have a duty to be respectful, responsible digital citizens, which involves respecting the privacy of others, keeping logins private and using the network for educational purposes only." (Only accessible through PDSB firewall:

Below is a Prezi on Digital Citizenship, along with a myriad of resources and links.

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