Jack Donelan

Name a book that you love and give a brief explanation of why you love it

Jack favorite book was The Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy. It is his favorite because it is funny and entertaining.

What do you read online or on your phone/computer/iPad? Why does it interest you?

Jack like to read Brave New World on my computer. It interest him because he likes dystopian novels

Where is your favorite place to read? When do you usually read?

Jack like to read in his room whenever he's bored

Describe your first memories of writing?

Jacks first writing memory was in first grade when he had to write a poem

If you could chose anything to write about , what would it be?

He would write about action or adventure

Have you ever kept a journal? What did you write about?

He kept a journal in third grade. He wrote what happened at school

If you were a crayon, what color would it be? Why

Jack would cerulean because he likes that color.