The Ball is Rolling

So many things going on!

Free Food Fun Friday

Thursday, Sep. 26th 2013 at 9pm-12am

Howard Gittis Student Activities Center (SAC)

Need something free to do? Hungry for some food? Want to have fun? Come out to HootaThon's Free Food Fun Friday!! We're having a raffle, a balloon wall, dance performances, sand art, video games, and even a banner to decorate! We'll give you just a peek at all the fun you could have at the real dance marathon event.

Canning is back!

The second easiest way to earn money towards your fundraising goal is to go canning at local sports events (Phillies, Flyers, Eagles)! We have organized dates/times when members can sign up to go. Sign up on our shared Google Doc that we emailed to you. Look at that! We're making it so easy for you! But you must go to at least one canning event.

Upcoming canning dates...

Oct. 11th (Friday) : 4 pm - 7 pm

Oct. 20th (Sunday): 10 am - 1 pm

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Family & Friends are your BIGGEST donor!

Reaching out to family and friends is your best way to receive donations! Here are the directions to send e-mails to your contacts using the Donor Drive itself!

1. Log-In to Donor Drive, scroll up to the top and click Messages and then Compose a Message

2. Message Type: Ask A Friend to Donate

3. Import Contacts from Webmail

4. Feel free to edit the Subject and Message of the e-mails to what will fit your family and friends best!

5. Click Send

6. After you send the message the first time to family and friends, you can resend just as easy as the first time through Donor Drive.

7. When you want to re-send your message to people who haven't donated to you yet, under Recipients, click Select, and then choose Contacts that haven't responded

8. Change the subject and message to best fit your family and friends.

9. Want to thank those that have donated?

10. When you want to thank the people who have donated to you, under Recipients, click Select, and then choose Contacts that have responded to you.

If you have any questions about the Donor Drive, contact us at any time at

Make your team come out on top!

Find creative ways for you to fundraise for HootaThon! Maybe you host a Qdoba event, or your own canning event, or you even host a bake sale. There are so many ways that your team can fundraise for HootaThon. The team with the most amount of money raised will be recognized on stage at HootaThon and will win a special prize!!

If you need help at all with fundraising, contact us at any time at


Friday, Nov. 8th 2013 at 7pm-7am

Mitten Hall

Get your friends involved in HootaThon by joining your team!! Send them the link to your team's page on the Donor Drive, and have them register with your team. The more students involved = the more money raised = the more lives saved with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

If you have any questions, please contact us at


We want to thank you for creating a team for our event. The money your team will raise will be greatly appreciated by the kids at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Your donations are saving lives.