Hurricane Katrina of 2005

Taylon , Bryan

Event Description

29 August 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast.The hurricane was a category 3 and the winds were up to 100-140 mile per hour.Places like Louisiana,Mississippi,Alabama left hundreds of thousands of people homeless.The damage was cost up to $100 billions of dollars.

Ecological Impact

Industrial waste and oil contaminant the swamp waters that animals and fish go through.Hundreds of thousands of trees were destroyed during the hurricane that left animals unprotected.Along the coast of several states had oil has cover the beaches with the oil from the off shore oil rigs.The animals where trapped in the oil and there food supplies were contaminated and poisoned.People that made their living off of fishing could not fish because the fish were contaminated and poisoned to where there was barley any fishing.

Restoration Efforts

It toke over $800 million dollars to rebuild infrastructure which help rebuild schools,strengthen police resources and levee improvements.Congress $15 billion dollars to upgrade pumping facilities,build new flood gates,and reconstruct walls where there was a structural weakness.They used harder material like clay and cement to construction and hold sections of the wall.The new designed was a T shape instead of an I shape it was to make it stronger and steel pillars were used to bracket each end into the ground.


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