Digestive System

Chapter 5 Human Body


The Digestive System is pretty obvious to find out. The Digestive System is where you break down your food. The parts of The Digestive System are: Mouth, Esophagus, Stomach, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, and Anus. Keep reading to find out more about The Digestive System.


The Digestive System starts when you put food in your Mouth. The digestive system is going on in your body right now. ( Unless you haven't eaten in three days )

The Mouth breaks down and chew food. Did you know that your teeth are the strongest muscle in your body? No wonder that while you chew your food, you accidentally bite your tongue. That Hurts!


The Esophagus is the part after your mouth. Wave-like contractions push food to stomach. The Esophagus is a tube connected to the mouth and stomach. Have you ever swallowed a piece of ice or almost choked? Well the Esophagus tries to push the food down into the stomach. If it's to big, then you probably need to actually chew your food.
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Into the stomach we go. The Stomach is the part of the digestive system that most people know about. (IT'S COMMON) The stomach turns your food to acid so that it can run through the rest of the body smoothly. (Yes, stomach has acid) Have you ever had a friend that put their ear to your stomach and they hear bubble like sound? Well, that is the acid in your stomach. Crazy right?
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Small Intestine

Finally, the small intestine. The small intestine is like the holding place for your food. The small intestine is 20..feet..long. It's like a garden hose wrapped up in blood vessels in your stomach. Ouch! The stomach and the small intestine are the most important parts of the digestive system.
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Large Intestine

The food is ready to take the Large intestine train. The large intestine is when your food takes a trip into the... Toilet. Yes, after you go through the digestive system, you food goes into the toilet. When you have diarrhea, you food goes up, side, down, and out very fast. (No wonder why when you have diarrhea it goes out so fast. Whoo)
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