The Election of 1800

Why you should vote for John Adams

The Issue of Trade

The leader of our party is none other than John Adams. He supports the growth of our nation by inclining towards the United Kingdom, which is one of the most lucrative trade partners we could possibly have in Europe.

The Issue of a Weak Military

We almost lost the revolutionary war. A lot of men died. However, we will no longer need to rely on untrained militia. We could have a strong army and navy to defend our homeland and protect our trade routes.

On the Issues of the Alien and Sedition Acts

Say no to unwanted aliens. These aliens are invading our home. If they are accepted into society instantaneously, what would the rest of the world think of us? They would see us as weak allowing a small meager group of aliens to take us over from the inside out.

Why we Need a Strong National Government

If we had a strong national government we would not need to be isolated like before. We could become involved in international politics and be taken seriously.
All these reasons, I could go on. There are so many reasons to vote for John Adams, so vote now!