Week of September 21-25

Mason Dixon Elementary

Remote Learning Continues This Week!

As we continue remote learning this week, they will continue to watch the numbers that have had a slight reduction the last couple of days. Monongalia County is currently in the orange category so we are still unable to start in person instruction this week.

We do however, anticipate that we will be starting our blended learning - in person instructional model sometime soon in the next few weeks. Help prepare you child for this return to school, practice having them wear their mask while completing remote learning tasks, remind them of social distancing practices and have them practice their handwashing skills. Discuss with them how bus rides will be different as buses will be loaded from back to front as students get on the bus (except pre-K will still sit in front) and students will be asked to sit with siblings or household members instead of their friends to maintain spacing. When they arrive at school remind them they will need to stay in their bus seat until the driver tells them it is their turn to stand and leave the bus.

Parent Completion Checklist

Here is a checklist to help parents in completing our back to school items. *new items in bold

_____ Complete Daily Health Screening for each child (select "student" on first screen)

_____ Complete the Technology Acceptable Use Policy online *required by Sept 30 or Chromebook will stop working.

_____ Complete the Student Information Update online (formerly the paper WVEIS form)

_____ Complete the Remote and Distance Learning Confidentiality Informed Consent Form

_____ Complete Daily Lunch Request form to pick up a lunch for your child that day

_____ Review the weekly "At Home Learning Agenda"

_____ Assist students with logging in to their Google Classroom to complete and turn in their

assignments. (Pre-K uses SeeSaw)

_____ Fill out and return to school the student information packet received with student

materials (drop in our red mailbox, email to secretary mmammons@k12.wv.us or mail back)

Daily Health Self-Screening - Complete Every School Day!

Each day parents must complete a daily self screening for each of their children before entering the bus or attending school whether in person or online. *Please mark "student" not other on the first screen since you are filling our for a student. This link is at the top of the school and county websites and is also available on the Monongalia County App for your phone.


All staff fill out this form daily as well. Follow the instructions at the end of the screening if it tells you not to report to school or work. This is very important even during remote instruction to insure that students are able to receive access to health care...as we approach a return to school this is valuable information for the school health team. School nurses will start contacting those that are not completing the form daily.

Additional information is available on the School Health Covid-19 Tool Box located on the school website at this link.


Distance and Remote Learning Informed Consent Document

This document informs parents that all information discovered about students while they are engaged in online learning is confidential and is not do be disclosed by parents or care givers that are assisting students. To the extent possible, only students should be visible on their screens during instruction.

Distance and Remote Learning Informed Consent Document to Sign

Title I Information

Below are informational documents for the Title I program at Mason Dixon Elementary. Please sign the School Compact being mailed home to you on Monday September 21st to the school. It can be returned by mail, by dropping off in our red mailbox or by scanning and emailing to the school secretary at mmammons@k12.wv.us. We are required to obtain this documentation because we are receiving federal Title I funds.

If you don't receive a copy of the Mason Dixon School Compact in the mail this week you can call the school or print and return the one below.

Parents’ Right to Know

Parents of students enrolled in Title I Schools have the right to request information about the qualifications of their child’s teacher(s). Please request this information from the school principal. Title I schools in Monongalia County for 2020-2021 are Brookhaven Elementary, Eastwood Elementary, Mason-Dixon Elementary, Mountainview Elementary, Mylan Park Elementary, and Skyview Elementary.