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Our future self

Dan Gilbert talks about how much people grow in ten years. Most people underestimate the changes that affects us, ans most people think that their interests will be the same 10 years from now, but that is not the case.
The question he named in the beginning of the video ,, Why do we make decisions that our future selves so often regret?'' describes the main idea about this research that he is introducing .

The thing is that in our life we make decisions and we have many opinions on what so ever but the thing is that we often think that it won't change from 10 years but the case is that when we grow older we remember who we were and what our opinions were before but they have changed in most cases.

Because we can't see in to the future we can't tell how much the changes on our personality will be but we are definitely going to change a lot from our birth till we die.

Why I chose this video

I searched on for psychological videos that I'd like to watch and would find interesting. I saw this particular video and there were something about it that made me want to watch, I've always had interest on the personality of humans and how we can change in a lifetime so I thought it would be interesting as it were.

How do people become evil?

Philip Ziambardo introduces his studies on how people can turn bad. He says that evil is the exercise of power and that is the key. People doesn't just come to the world bad or suddenly looses their minds, no, the thing is that power is in the system and people turn bad in a long time. If they happen to get in to a bad situation it can have an affect on them. Philip said that if you want to change a person than you'd have to change the situation and this is what he is trying to explain to the listeners.

Why I chose this video

This video is just something that I couldn't resist checking on, I was to curious. There is no other reasons why I watched this video besides the reason that I were looking for videos connected to psychology.