Charlestown School Updates

For members of our learning community - Sept. 25th, 2015

Filling sails with knowledge and character for a successful life voyage

Happy Beginning of Fall

What did we do this week?

Our students use visual models and games to learn and practice new math skills and strategies. See some examples from this week below.

To learn more about the Common Core Math Standards, check out this great article from PBS!

Our 2nd Graders were excited to show me the mealworms they are observing in science!

Our 3rd graders have read the book The Dot and have talked about Growth Mindset

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Safety Drills

We are required by the state of Rhode Island to complete monthly safety drills. We have approved procedures for events such as fire evacuation, school site evacuation, shelter in place and lock down.

Yesterday, we were asked by the Charlestown Police Department to keep our students inside while they were actively pursuing an impaired driver in the area. We shared pertinent information with teachers, without students being made aware of the concern, and also brought all children in from outdoors.

We are fortunate to have a wonderful and collaborative relationship with our local safety departments and officials. You might recall the photograph I shared of Police Chief Allen greeting our students on the first day of school. Officer Patton, our school resource officer, also visits our school regularly and spends time with our students during lunch and recess.

Each day, my primary areas of focus are Safety and Learning. Both are equally important in my eyes. When various situations arise, we always consider how we can keep potentially scary information and details from our students. For example, if an ambulance is needed for a staff member or student, we will often keep students in their classrooms so that they don't witness a medical emergency.

Yesterday, we used the One Call System to notify you of important information. We may also use email to send this type of information.

Attendance Counts

Daily attendance is important for all students. Absences can only be marked as excused for medical reasons, religious observances or emergency situations. Documentation is needed for all absences. We do not accept parent notes for medical excuses.

Bus Schedules are now posted on the District Homepage

Importance of Assessment

Our students in grades 1-4 have now completed short computer based assessments using a program called STAR. We are using this data to help determine which students are in need of additional support in math and/or reading. We were so impressed with how well our students acclimated to computer based testing. They also seemed to enjoy this experience and most were very engaged with the questions.

Teachers in grades K-2 are meeting with each student to complete an assessment called the Core Phonics Survey. Student performance on this assessment helps to guide future teaching and reteaching during reading instruction.

PTO Shout outs!!!

Thank you to Karen Bellnier and all other parent participants who are helping to shape a proposal for an outdoor classroom behind our school. I hope that you take a chance to see the large black display board near the office.
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Stop and Shop A+ Rewards

Please consider signing up for a free way to support our school.

Please click the link below to sign up fro A+ Rewards at Stop and Shop.

Our school code is listed: #05917

Participation is not connected to earning or using gas points as this is a different program.

Please feel free to share this link with friends, family and others who may not have children in school and who shop at Stop and Shop anywhere in the USA.

Upcoming Book Fair

Mrs. Gaskill and the PTO will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair in October.

Click this link for details.

New Plans for Birthdays

Just a reminder that we no longer allow students to bring in food items to share for class parties. We announce student birthdays on the intercom and students get a pencil and eraser from me in the office. Teachers offer different ways for students to celebrate their birthdays in their classrooms.

Annual Background Checks

Approval to volunteer only lasts twelve months. A list of approved volunteers in maintained at Central Office. If you are unsure of the expiration date, please call or email us and we can check the date. Please let us know if you need to complete a new background check form and we can send one home with your child.

Head Lice

We encourage all parents to routinely check their child's head for head lice. The primary symptom of this condition is an itchy head. The condition spreads from head to head contact as the bugs do not fly.

Our nurse is very skilled with guiding parents regarding various treatments. Please don't hesitate to call her if you need some assistance.

You can follow me on Twitter - @jenpooreri

School Improvement Team

Our school has a dedicated group of teachers and parents who meet after school to help develop, encourage and evaluate improvements at our school. We typically meet on the last Monday of the month from 3:30-4:30. Our first meeting for the year will be on Monday, September 28th. Please email me if you are interested in joining our team.

Our school is LATEX and MINT FREE due to allergies!

Please do not bring the following items into our school due to serious allergies:

Latex balloons, rubber balls, any products containing natural rubber, mint gum/candy

State Flu Clinic at Charlestown School

Tuesday November 10th

4:00-6:30 pm

Upcoming Events:

Mon. Sept. 28 - School Improvement Team Mtg. 3:30-4:30 pm

Tues. Oct. 6 - PTO mtg. 6:00 in the Art Room

Mon. Oct. 12 - NO School - Columbus Day

Thurs. Oct. 22 - Early Release Day - 1:55 pm dismissal

Fri. Oct. 23 - Picture Retakes

To see the school calendar, click this link: