Icarus and Lotus-Eaters

Ryan Pettes


  • Icarus, son of Daedalus, was sentenced by King Minos of Crete with his father for helping the hero Thesues to kill the monster called the Minotaur and to escape with Minos' daughter, Ariadne.
  • The two were locked in a labyrinth with no escape. Daedalus came up with an idea for escape. Daedalus created two pairs of wax wings for the two to escape on.
  • Icarus was warned by his father not to fly to high or low to keep the wings intact. While in the air, the islanders below thought Icarus was a flying god. Soon, Icarus also began to think that he was a god.
  • Icarus forgot his father's words and he soared high into the sky. His wings began to melt from the sun and he plummeted into the ocean.
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Lotus Eaters

  • The Lotus-Eaters were fabulous people who were controlled a territory in Northern Africa and lived.
  • The Lotus-Eaters invited Odysseus and his men on the Lotus-Eaters land to eat their food. Odysseus' men eat the Lotus-Eaters' mysterious flowers, which makes the men forgetful and blissful.
  • The flowers make them forget their homes and friends, so they have to be dragged back to their ships.
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