PreK II News

Week of October 13th

What's SPECIAL this week?

*This week we are going to be focusing on autumn and all the wonderful things that are happening around us! We are so excited to be setting up a PUMPKIN PATCH in the middle of the week for the kids to go to! Each child will pick out their own pumpkin and there will be lots of fun things to do. We cannot wait!
*We're going to be digging into what is inside pumpkins!
*Don't forget that camping week is next Monday & Tuesday. Conferences are also on those evenings as well!
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*Please take your child to the restroom before dropping them off to Preschool. Thanks!
*Remember to sign up for conferences; we'd love to meet with you! They are Monday, October 20th and Tuesday, October 21st.

Family Partnerships

*Camping week is fast approaching! Would you like to come in and help out?? Our camping days are on Monday and Tuesday (10/20 and 10/21). If you are able to volunteer either of those days (helping with crafts, putting together materials, playing games with kids, etc) PLEASE let us know. We'd love to plug you in!

*Our classroom is in need of play-doh. Please bring some in if you can!

Fruit of the Spirit: Patience

For the month of October, we will be working on patience with the students. For preschoolers, this looks a little bit different at school than it does at home. At school, we are teaching the kids how to raise their hand to speak, how to save their stories for center time, how to wait their turn, among many other things that requires patience. We know this can be challenging for 4 and 5 year olds, but we will be working on it all month long. Please look for ways in your home to encourage your children to be patient.