Should Parents Opt Out of Vaccines?

By, Julia Huff

The answer is simple...Yes

Vaccine risks are different for each child. Doctors cannot predict which child may be harmed. Inflexible vaccine mandates threaten the health of a child even if its a small percent.
The government should not force live viruses into your child's body without your consent.

Parents should be held at their own risk

Gary Mohan remembers when his son's temperature spiking to 103 degrees when he was vaccinated with MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)
His son was later diagnosed with autism and other health complications

Mohan's son may have been the small percent that is affected by vaccines but there are still living, innocent children in that percent.

Although, when parents chose not to vaccinate they should be held at their own risk. If their child contracts measles and they weren't vaccinated that should be their fault

Parents should be held accountable for the health of their children.

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Risk of an outbreak?

Outbreaks should only occur amongst those who are not vaccinated. Its as simple as that!
Those who choose to vaccinate are safe.

If your child gets the measles, your held accountable
If your child doesn't, your held accountable
If your child avoids health complications from vaccines, your held accountable


I do not believe that autism and vaccines are linked but it is still imperative to keep in mind the risk.

There have been 0 cases of vaccines and autism being directly linked since 2007

Should You vaccinate?

It depends, the question is answered by your child's personal health conditions. You decide, you know your child best not the government!