Killer on the loose!


Police are hunting down a girl who is about 16 named Rebecca Jakes, and a boy who is about 14 who goes by the nickname Slicky, they are also accompanied by a 3 year old girl
Beware, both are very dangerous and the boy is very good with a knife. They are connected with the murder of a 16 year old girl in the Carnside district of the city
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The boy was last spotted wearing a grey sweatshirt, while running away from a home who's security alarm went off
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Please call 911 if you see anything suspicious involving the people described above

Blade: Playing dead

This book is about 14 year old Blade, who is a loner who wanders the big city by himself. He had a pretty good life until he was blamed for a murder. Not only that but he had to look after a girl named Becky and her daughter. They had to stay away from the cops and away from a gang who was trying to kill them. This book is the first in a series

Review of Book

I personally would not recommend this book to read. I didn't really like it for multiple reasons. First of all, it never described what any of the main characters looked like, which was really annoying. Another thing was that the author used a lot of british terms/slang words that I didn't really know. It was also way too fast paced, it just went from one place to the next place super fast with not much going on. Not to mention this book is the first of the series, which I have no intention of reading the rest of. So it just ended with no questions answered because the story continues with the next book, so I pretty much read it for no reason