By: Imelda and Haruka

4 major ideas of the Enlightenment

  • Separation of power- 3 branches of the government that control each other's systems of checks and balances.
  • Social contract- the agreement with which a person enters into civil society by Rousseau.
  • laissez- falre- Had an idea that the state should not be overly involved in the economy.
  • John Locke- He believed that people are born free and equal with 3 natural rights ; life , liberty , and property

(Picture: John Locke)


He was one of the important figure in Enlightenment era. He was a philosopher. He came up with the idea of Deism. Deism was based on reason and natural law. He wrote a lot of plays, essays.. etc, which brought him fame and wealth.
Voltaire Biography

Religion in the Enlightenment

Many philosophers and scientist began going against the Catholic Church because of new astrological discoveries. Many people believed in the new astrological discoveries . The philosophers going against the church and many people question their religion and became Agnostic or Deist. Many other religions expanded because of the philosophers discoveries .