Rosie the Riveter

And the real life wonders , By Haley Vardy 2-5-16

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter was only their logo. Their was no woman named Rosie the Riveter. Just to clear that up.

where did the Rosie the Riveters work?

Rosie the Riveters worked mostly in airplane facatiories. The most places that the Rosie the Riveters worked in the world was Ypsilanti,Michigan at willow run.But they also worked in more places.


When did woman start becoming Rosie the Riveters?

When woman started was when War Of War ll started and the men where at war. So the woman helped in the air plain factories. But when it started was about 1942.


How did Rosie the Riveter come to be?

Well when the men were at war the government asked woman to come and help fix airplanes. The woman said yes and they got almost 18,000 woman helping. It was not just one person.


Why did they stop Rosie the Riveter?

When the men came back from the war they could work on the airplanes. But after that the woman lost lots of jobs. And that made many families poor. Because they lost their job as a Rosie the Riveter.


Why did woman become Rosie the Riveters?

Young and middle age woman whanted to help in the committee and show that hey can help and they can do more. Also the government needed woman to help because the men were at war or going to war. And that was how woman would help with the war Fixing aircrafts.


How hard was it to become a Rosie the Riveter?

Well it was not very hard as long as you new how to fix aircrafts. But you had to be great at it so you would not break the aircrafts.


What did people think of Rosie the Riveter?

Some people thought it was great of them to loses their own jobs to go and become a Rosie the Riveter and greatly them to help out in the world for a good thing to. But sadly some people though it was crazy that woman were doing this and not men. And people though that it was rong to let woman do things like that.


Why did Rosie the Riveter we're a bandana?

One reason why was because it was very poplar then and it would hold their sweat. So they would not of had to get up every five minutes. But sometimes it would keep them cool if they were in a hot room.


Some fun facts are...

1.) Rosie the Riveters had one of the most dangerous jobs in the state because airplanes could explode. ""

2.) Rosie the Riveters fixed airplanes for wars (as you know probably). ""

3.) the reason many woman got the job as a Rosie the Riveter was because they whanted to help and show that they could help wig the war as well. ""

4.) Rosie the Riveter started in 1942 and ended in 1945. ""

5.) from 1942 to 1945 the female workforce increased in percentage from 27% to 37%. ""


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