Scholarship News

From the Counselor's Office

University of Arkansas Alumni Scholarship is now available!

The 2016 Arkansas Alumni Scholarship Application is now available for interested seniors planning to attend the U of A Fayetteville next fall.

The minimum criteria to apply:

  • Incoming freshman admitted as degree-seeking to the U of A
  • 3.6 cumulative high school GPA
  • ACT composite of 24

Please note that applicants DO NOT need to be related to a U of A graduate to apply.

The priority deadline is December 1, and I highly recommend that you meet this priority deadline. The final deadline is February 1.

Applications are available at If you have any questions, please visit the website You can also contact the scholarship office at

FAQs about Academic and Privately Funded Scholarships

Do I need to wait until I take the ACT one more time before applying for academic or merit-based scholarships?

  • Go ahead and apply. You can always have your application file updated if you raise your ACT score.

  • Some colleges will award as applications come in, so if you wait, you may miss out on $$$.

What if I receive awards from more than one college, but I don’t know which college I will be attending in the fall?
  • Accept the scholarship(s) by the deadline.
  • If you decide to attend a different college, contact the college you are NOT attending ASAP to decline the offer.

Are foundation scholarships (or privately funded scholarships) renewable or one time awards?

Read the scholarship information . . . Each college typically offers privately funded scholarships, and all are different on eligibility requirements, award value, and whether or not it is renewable.

Should I send extra letters of recommendation, longer essay, or an Academic Resume if it is not required?

  • The scholarship committee has A LOT of application files to go through.

  • Sending extra information is not necessarily going to help your chances, and it may send the message that you can’t follow instructions.

Important to Note . . .

  • Verify that all documents have been received by the college or scholarship committee after you submit the application.
  • Be honest on your application.
  • Many scholarships require the FAFSA to be on file. The FAFSA application will be available starting January 1, 2016.

  • Pay attention to the scholarship renewal requirements:

    • A certain GPA may be required in order to renew.

    • You may be required to take a certain number of hours or be a "full-time student."

  • Some privately funded scholarships may not show up on your financial aid account until you are actually enrolled in classes for the fall.
  • Ask questions--College Financial Aid Office, College Representative, School Counselor--everyone is here to help you through this process.

Please let me know about all scholarship offers, even those you will decline. I just need a copy of the award letter or forward me the email or scanned document. My fax number is 513-6808 if that is easier. Thanks!

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