The new form of Energy

What is Bio energy?

Bio energy is a renewable resource created from biomass. Biomass is any organic matter of recent living things. Bio energy is mainly used to heat and produce fuels for transport.

How is bio energy used in Australia?

Bio energy is mainly used for low cost heating. Currently in Australia, 1-3% of our energy is made up of Bio energy. It is a newly introduced energy source, but it is in the process of becoming more well-known throughout Australia. There are 139 Bio-gas plants all over our country.

Theses are the amount of Bio-gas plants in each state:

  • Queensland = 43
  • NSW = 37
  • VIC = 28
  • WA = 15
  • SA = 8
  • Tasmania = 4
  • ACT = 3
  • NT = 1

How is Bio energy produced?

Bio-energy can be produced in many processes ranging from burning wood/sticks and heating it to a high temperature. From there they go through a gasification process. The gasification process is when the solids (biomass) are converted into liquids.
How does a biogas plant work?