1st Annual Rhea Snow Competition

Events include tubing, skiing, and snowboarding

Come And Test Your Skills!

Bring your tubes, skis and snowboards, because the first annual Rhea Snow Competition is about to begin! Spectators can watch in the stands while competitors race down the icy slopes and craters. And for visitors who are more adventurous than others, you can try going down the dangerous, yet somehow beautiful icy cliffs.

Rhea's Rings And Things

Named after the small set of rings this moon has, a shop with rental skis, snowboards, tubes, and much more is here for your convenience. Feel free to stop by and rent some skis if you forget your own! Everything in this shop is state of the art, and never broken.

Rhea's First Annual Snow Competition

Friday, Jan. 24th, 10am

South Pole of Rhea