What they do

A preschool teacher prepares a child for kindergarden and helps them with child development like language, motor skills, and socail skills. They also keep records of the child's progress, routines, and interest to inform their parents about their childs development.


Most preschool teachers work in public and private schools and others work for charitable or religious organizations that have preschool programs or Head Start programs. Being a preschool teacher you get to see children develop new skills and gain knowledge.

How you become one

To be a preschool teacher you need to have a high school diploma and at least a bachelor's degree in early childhood development. In order to do this job you need to have many things like good communication skills, patience, organizational skills and etc. Also you must be licensed to teach early childhood development.


Preschool taechers can make form $27,130 to $46,020 a year. You would be working regular school hours and 10 months a year.

Job Outlook

There will be a high demand for preschool teachers baecuse it's important for a child to start getting a good education at a young age.

Similar Occupations

Some similar jobs would be a high school teachers, middle school teachers, childcare workers, special education teachers, and child care center directors.