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May 26th- May 29th

Greetings Kelly Creek Community!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial day weekend! It is so hard to believe that we are already in the last week of May. As I shared last week, at the end of this school year, I will be leaving Kelly Creek and will become the principal at Highland Elementary. While I am excited to have the opportunity to lead a school with a Spanish Dual Language program, I will miss the Kelly Creek Community dearly! I want to thank each of you for welcoming me in and for all of your support over the last few years.


Beth Fraze, Principal

Counselor's Corner

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Dinnertime Conversation Starters While Staying Home

I am a big advocate of family dinners. Sitting down together as a family once a day has many benefits, especially if those mealtimes are used to have meaningful conversations with each other. Family conversations enhance our relationships and understanding of each other, and encourages family bonding. However, right now it might be hard finding things to talk about, since the kids and even many parents are staying home all day. The question, "How was your day?" might elicit blank stares from family members. But there are still great questions that can be asked to jump-start conversations, encourage bonding, and maybe even get family members giggling. Here are some you can try at your dinner table.

  1. Parent(s) share a story about the kids when they were babies or toddlers - kids LOVE this.
  2. Each kid tells how they think their parents met. Parents go last.
  3. Parents share what you were like at your kids’ ages. What were your favorite toys? How did you spend your summers? Kids then say what they think they will be like as parents.
  4. Gripes and Gratitude. Go around the table and ask each person to share a gripe about their day and then something they are grateful for.
  5. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
  6. If roles were reversed for one day (kids were in charge, parents had to do what kids say) what would that day look like?
  7. Describe the person sitting to your right in 3 words. Keep it positive.
  8. If you won the lottery (at least $1,000,000), what is the first thing you would buy?
  9. Ask the kids about the first thing they will do when they are "grown up."
  10. If you could create a new holiday, what would it be called and what would it celebrate?
  11. Each kid tells what they think their parents and siblings will be doing 10 years from now.
  12. If the family was stranded on a deserted island for two weeks before being rescued, what are the 5 things you would want to have with you? How would you divide up the work (who would be in charge of food, shelter, etc.)


IT'S NOT TOO LATE! Our online window has reopened for a short period of time. If you would like to purchase a yearbook with a credit card, follow the link below and choose Kelly Creek Elementary School! Yearbooks will be available to pick up during the last week of school.

End of year Report Cards will be available online on ParentVUE!!!

Our spring report cards will be available this year thru ParentVUE by mid June, they will not be mailed. Moving forward we will use this platform for registrations, address verification, and report cards. You still have time to set up your ParentVUE account, click here If you still need additional support in setting up your account, please feel free to call our office at 503-663-7483 and we can help!

Moving? Address changing?

Has your family moved, Is your family moving, or planning on attending a different school next year? We want to help facilitate these changes and transitions for your child/ren. Please call our office at 503-663-7483 to update your address or any contact information.

Kindergarten Newsletter!

Please see attachment below for more information about Kindergarten students for the next school year!

Kindergarten Registration!!

Click here to register for Kindergarten by June 1st!

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Family Resources

Our school Counselor Mrs. Fitch has created a family resource list available for our community. This family resource list is updated daily with the most recent changes and new resources are added. This family resource list is also available on our school website.

Family Resource List:

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