The ethical, the legal, and the radical notion of choice

When it boils down, what rights are taken away and from whom concerning abortion?And what can we do to stop it?

Abortion Quote

"In the 1970s, we were arguing whether abortion should be legal or illegal and that was a much easier debate, because women were dying when it was illegal. Now, the debate is more like abortion for who? To what extent and under what circumstances?"-Amy Richards, co-author of "Manifesta: Young Women, Feminism and the Future

Whos rights?

Strict abortion laws and legislation affects women all around the globe by constantly threatening their rights concerning their reproduction, taking away their basic rights to complete control over the bodies and medical procedures, and putting horrible social pressure and physiological trauma on them when they take under consideration the termination of their pregnancies either by clinical procedure or by medical pill.While many may argue that abortion takes away the rights of the, ¨unborn¨, and ¨babies¨, the medical and scientific research points to the fact that at the time of abortion which commonly takes place in the first trimester, that the ¨human being¨ conservatives allege is not much more than a small collection of cells.With that in mind, abortion does not take the rights of a collection of cells but rather of independent, living, breathing females.

What can we do to stop the taking of rights concerning abortion?

We can stop the taking of rights from females around the world by supporting left wing politicians with liberal views, supporting the pro choice party, writing and petitioning to government officials to put an end to unfair abortion bans and outrageous laws such as the current abortion legislation in 2014 that will attempt to force women through dozens of unneeded counseling, pressure, mental trauma,procedures and referrals before being able to get an abortion in many republican dominated states.

Pro choice vs Pro Life

Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy,Ever since the 1970's , at the start of the feminist movement and at the spike of the conservative movement, abortion has been a hot debate that once bordering, ¨illegal vs. legal¨, now lays between ¨which circumstances¨, and under ,¨depends on state legislation and where you live¨.On the forefront of this debate stands two clear opposing sides, ¨Pro choice¨, and ¨Pro life¨.Pro choice is the side supporting legal, accessible, and a personal choice decided on the grounds of women's rights, the separation of the church and the state,the first amendment, and basic ground that the fate of a woman's future should lie in her own hands and not in the hands of male politicians or religious and social pressure.Pro life is the heavily religious accented viewpoint that abortion should be illegal standing on the point that its, ¨murder¨, and ¨sinful¨.
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Personal Argument : Pro choice

Personally, after reviewing the information I have quickly acquired an even stronger support for ¨pro choice¨.I'm pro choice due to the fact I believe women should have complete control over their bodies and choices and that its horribly unfair and atrocious for so many politicians to have a say in a personal female decision they should have no say in.Furthermore I support pro choice since I find the basis of many considering it ¨murder¨, to be highly inaccurate and for acting as a hindrance in female rights,social justice, and better sex ed education.

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