Mrs. Schwarzkopf's Newsletter


Second week back and students seem like they are back into the groove of things! We began our current math unit before leaving for the holidays, but will continue working on it until our test which is scheduled for January 20th. Our unit covers data analysis (bar graphs, pictographs), money, and time. It is definitely a lot of material for such a short unit, but the students have been really engaged and seem to be doing well.

Prior to leaving on break we focused on data analysis with bar graphs and pictographs. Since coming back from the break, we have been identifying coins, counting collections of coins, and telling time.

Time is the most difficult of these three concepts. In first grade they learned identifying parts of a clock and telling time to the hour and half hour. This year they will be asked to tell time all the way down to the minute.

Spiraling concepts:

We will continue to work on our algorithm of addition and subtraction regrouping. This is still super tough for these kiddos! We practice almost everyday, but students are still struggling to do this without drawing their base ten blocks.

Ways to help at home

The following is helpful information for how to help your student at home.


This week we will continue our discussion on plants and animals. Last week we reviewed the basic needs of a plant and parts of a plant. This week we will studying animals. Students will discuss animals basic needs and compare those needs to that of plants. We will also focus on specific animals and identify what they do to meet these needs.

Important Dates:

1/13/2017 -Dennis Lee Assembly

1/16/2017- No School MLK Day

1/18/2017- Boosterthon Pep Rally @ 1:30

1/20/2017 Dinobeat: K-2 Recognitions

1/27/2017- Boosterthon Fun Run 8am, 9am, 10am