Gay Rights

By: Ashley Soller

Should homosexuals have the same rights as heterosexuals?

Homosexuals deserve the same rights as heterosexuals in all cases especially marriage, adoption, and juror rights.

Marriage RIghts

Marriage is a formal union between two people. In the case of a gay couple, the institution of marriage would not change because it is still a union of two people, but of the same sex. "Opening to them participation in the unique and immensely valuable institution of marriage will not diminish the value or status of marriage for heterosexuals, but withholding marriage causes infinite and permanent stigma, pain and isolation. It denies gay men and lesbians their identity and their dignity; it labels their families as second-rate"(Olson). By not permitting gay marriages we are denying gays and lesbians their rights to be with the person they love. I believe love is love and your sexual orientation shouldn't make a difference. There shouldn't be a law holding you back from being married to the person you love. I agree with the author because the concept of marriage won't be changed if homosexuals get married. They are expressing their identity by showing who they are and who they love. Love should not be determined by law.
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Adoption Rights

Adoption rights should be open to anyone. Adopting a child requires an individual or a couple to be able to bring up a child as their own. Parents are responsible to love, care for, support, defend, and do everything in their power to make sure the child has a healthy and good life. It should not matter if their parents are gay, the most important thing is if they will be able to offer care and support for their child. Gay parents should have the same rights as heterosexual parents as long as they can offer the same lifestyle for their child. "They want to have the parental responsibilities that go along with being legally recognized parents" (Jarvis). A parent is someone who is a role model to their child. As long as these responsibilities are being fulfilled it shouldn't matter what sex the parents are.
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Juror Rights

There shouldn't be a law that forbids gay jurors from being part of the court. Being part of the jury is a duty and you should not be penalized based on your sexual orientation. "A federal appeals court became the first in the nation to rule that prospective jurors may not be excluded because of their sexual orientation, a decision that expands juror protections beyond race and gender and provides legal ammunition to challenge laws that limit gay rights" (Dolan). The courts recognizes that there is a variety of citizens. It could even be beneficial to have different perspectives on the jury. Jurors base their verdicts on laws and evidence and not personal preference. Everyone's voice should be heard.
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Everyone should be treated equally. There should be no discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation. Homosexuals lead normal average lives like heterosexuals and therefore they should be treated the same.

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