March Madness

Dot Divas Stella & Dot Team

March In Review

Wow!!! What an amazing month we had with our little team. It is so exciting to see all of your success. I know that it is true that all of your successes big and small are an integral part of this team. I am excited to see the activity on our team page and the new leaders that are emerging! We are all here to support one another. :) Thank you for being a team player and sharing all of your news with us… we learn from each other! :)

I had a slow March myself. I only had 1 technical show. I knew that I didn't want this to continue so I spent some time really working on booking my April. Even though I didn't have much luck in March I was able to book 6 April shows so far. I am sharing this with you because I want you to know that even though I had a slow month I was able to pick myself back up with a little elbow grease. Please know that the key to this business is staying positive even when things don't go your way.

With the new collection launch tomorrow… I know April is going to be an incredible month. We have a lot of new leaders shooting for Senior Stylist and Star… lets all work together to cheer them on. If this is something you want to do …take 1 step today to move your business forward tomorrow. ANYONE can become a leader, it just take a little work and ASKING everyone. Try to do something outside of your comfort zone this month. I am so excited to see what this month will bring! xo -Kristen


Top in Sales!

1 Catherine Scott $4,404.25

2 Robin Peruggia $3,583.50

3 Hailey Riley $3,320.10

4 Brooklyn Brusse $2,935.50

5 Alyssa Pinnock $2,471.70

Kristen Makins $2,379.10

6 Hope Stanley $1,778.60

7 Sheryl Hamzey $1,738.34

8 Jennifer Kim $1,718.20

9 Danielle Currie $1,661.60

10 Melissa Anne Kelley $1,453.19

Top In Sponsoring

Kristen Makins 1

Corinna LaHiff 1

Rolling in the Dough....Extra 5% Commission!

Catherine Scott $4,404.25

Robin Peruggia $3,583.50

Hailey Riley $3,320.10

Brooklyn Brusse $2,935.50

Alyssa Pinnock $2,471.70

Kristen Makins $2,379.10

FREE Business Supplies! Sold $500+

Corinna LaHiff $1,433.42

Jackie Martin $1,332.00

Johanne Jensen-Ives $1,190.50

Rachael Goldman $1,149.10

melissa waters $639.60

amy darby $505.41

Make the most of this months specials….

1. Sign up Special… This is the time for you to try and build your team. This is where the money and success come into play in this business. I dare you to reach out to 10 people with this picture and info about an extra $100. Who doesn't want $450 in product credit!!! If you are interested in sponsoring and need help… please reach out to me or your sponsor.

2. Autism Awareness Boutique… Shopping for a cause is a great reason to book. Share this photo with all potential hostesses. Maybe even gift one of these items to annoy one who books a show with you this month.

3. Beautiful TSEO…. What gorgeous colors for Passover and Easter!!! Don't forget that Mothers Day is right around the corner. Why not get your Mother's Day gifts at 50% off!!!!