Week In a Peek

Ms. Cindy, Ms. Cathy, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Heather

Grandfriend's Day

Thank you so much for sharing your families and friends with us! We had a great time showing grandparents and friends our classroom. The weather didn't quite cooperate with us, as we had planned an outdoor event... but it was a great time all the same :) We enjoyed playing in our classroom and sharing favorite toys and activities with grandparents.

Counting Games

Here at Grace we believe that learning through play is the best way to learn! This week we continued doing small group activities that help to individualize instruction for each child. I try to pick activities that are appropriate for each child's learning level. One activity this week was a counting game. We started off with five bean bags. I asked children to close their eyes and I took away some bean bags. When they opened their eyes, they had to figure out how many bean bags were missing. This can be a really tricky skill, because the students have to count how many bean bags are still there and then "count on" to get to five. We took turns playing this game with different students taking away bean bags. This game also helps to meet Common Core Kindergarten standards. For younger children, I differentiated this by having them close their eyes and count how many bean bags were there when they opened their eyes.

Book Orders

Scholastic book orders are a great way to get affordable books to read with your child. As a bonus, when you order we get points we can use to buy books for our classroom and school. Scholastic often has $1.00 book specials, and they sometimes have popular books available in paperback before they are sold elsewhere. I have set up a page where you can order online and our class will get the credit for your order- this way you don't have to send money in to school or deal with order forms, and you can choose from all the books Scholastic has available. I have also handpicked a few books that I think your child might enjoy. Some are books that we have read in class, others are just great books! Here is the link https://orders.scholastic.com/HYR3F I hope that helps you! You can place an order at any time, I will get an email and the order will ship free to our school.

Coming Up

Pumpkin Patch- September 26th

Please turn in permission slips! Let me know ASAP if you plan on attending- cost for parents is $7.00.