Hernando De Soto Comes back

From Spain


Hernando de soto was born in Spain. He was born in 1500s, know one knows the exact date though. Hernando de Soto always wanted to be rich.
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Reasons to explore

Inca Empire

The reason Hernando went to the Inca empire was for money. there were 3 rooms full of gold and silver for the safe return of the emperor's arrival. Another reason was that they were getting very powerful. They expanded their land from 155,000 sq mi to 690,000 sq mi. Also the population was around 16 million.


Hernando de soto explored a place in the new world called Forida. The reason he explored florida was to find gold so he could become rich again. Also the king said to spread catholicism to the natives, but instead he just executed the natives.
The 7 Cities of Gold

A place he tried to find was the seven cities of gold. he tried to find it for the king and also for money. On his way he found the mississippi river, Lake michigan and the Arkansas River.

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First Voyage

On his first voyage he sailed to South america to defeat the Inca empire. He heard that they had 2 rooms of silver and 1 room of gold since the emperor was coming back but he got attacked and lost gold.

Seven Cities of Gold

hernando de soto travels to find the 7 cities of gold. Hernando set out here to get rich. He heard folk tales that there was a city withu he go ataits walls made out of gold and houses filled with jewels. He looked every wear but could not find it.

Hernando de Soto's voyage to Florida

Hernando de Soto set sail to florida in 1539. He went with 5 large vessels and 4 small ones. On their expedition they found a man named Juan Ortiz and he could speak their language and the natives language. He originally went here looking for gold but he got lost. Their march inland began in July 15, 1539. On that journey a few people almost died of thirst. Hernando did not treat the Indians well so he had a war near Live Oak. After that he headed into Georgia to look for gold but then died from illness.

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