Pansophia Academy Weekly Staff Newsletter

Teacher Tip #1


The Week of March 11th


10:15 Teacher Observation Verde

12:00 County wide PD Planning: Gray

3:00 Little Women Auditions


EMC & DE Accuplacer Testing

Crazy Hair Day- March is Reading Month

Project Lean: Lehman, Esterline & Miller

8:25 8th grade BACC visit

3:00 p.m. Girls on the Run

6:00 p.m. Basketball Open Gym


Dentists R Us

8:00 United We Read

3:00 p.m. Little Women Auditions

All NWEA Instructional changes need to be submitted to Mueller


Project Lean: Maurer, Grable, Bird, Verde

Dress as your favorite book character- March is Reading Month

8:00 IEP

3:00 Girls on the Run

3:15 p.m. K-1 MTSS

4:30 Shamrock Social


11:00 CSP meeting @ PA Kayla and Jamie

3:00 IEP

ERF: Strategic Planning


Science Olympiad

2:00 p.m. Basketball Open Gym


If you are on a field trip, It is the teacher's responsibility to have students pick the bus up at the end of the trip. We have had very messy buses at the end of trips.

Office Reminders

Grades Locked: March 15, 2019

Report Cards will be sent home on Friday!

*Elementary teachers: Print your report cards and send home in Friday folders

*Secondary teachers: Office will print report cards. Students will meet in their advisory

rooms at 1:25 p.m. on Friday to pick up report cards. Please have students drop off

chromebooks from 1:25-1:30 p.m.

Add it to the calendar!

Elementary: Send event to Maurer

Secondary: Send event to Bailey

Any event that is happening in your classroom, needs to be communicated to the front office. Email event details to the office so when parents call, we have the information!

The front office will add it to the calendar.

Please do not hang out in the office and have conversations. There is a great deal of important information that comes through the office and secondary noise makes it difficult to hear and decreases accuracy and increases the chances of a mistake.

Use your Office voice!

Please welcome Heather Kasperski to the PA staff!

Heather will be helping in the front office as well as managing portions of the business office. Heather begins at PA on March 11, 2019.
Big picture


Teachers: Please answer all questions posed on your observation log that was shared with you following the winter observation.

I will be around to do a classroom learning environment (ELEOT) observation during the month of March/April.

Hot Topics! Marketing

Take pictures this week of what you are doing in your classroom, student recognition, etc. Put them on a google doc. along with a caption and get them sent to Bailey. She will share them with Piper & Gold. Let's tell our story!

Construction Update

Final page turn of prints have been done

· We’re getting ready to publish an Ad for bid in the local paper for tradesmen needed

· Water fountains in new area will have bottle water fill stations as well as drinking fountains

· Science room, music room, and art room have eco-friendly lighting. If the sun is shining bright, the lights will dim down. If the sun is not shining the lights will turn up. The Science lab areas will have switch controlled lights to provide extra lighting in this area.

· Garbage Waste Container will be enclosed and secure

· New kitchen has area to expand services under a new and larger hood system

· RFP board throughout kitchen to aid in sanitation

· Own storage room, eliminating shed storage

· Kitchen will include a fresh fruit and vegetable wash station and more prep tables

· Etched Puma “P” will face outwards on top entry window

· Puma claw that the children voted for will be in foyer area bedded into the flooring

· Each classroom will have its own eco bee thermostat for temperature control within their room

· Science lab areas will have 2 head gas flow stations

· Classrooms will have Mag door locks that will allow teachers to lock the door from the inside if an intruder were to be present

· Music room has practice room, acoustical wall to provide high sound quality while keeping the sound to travel to next door rooms

· Art room will be equipped with a nice storage room and kiln room (space enough for 2 kilns)

· School name will be up lit on side of new building

· Working on address change

· Currently School Staff is working on a procedures and areas of drop off and pick up while construction is occurring.