Marine Engineers & Naval Architects

By: Kyle M

Job Description and Duties

  • They run a lot of tests.
  • They design most of the boat/ship.
  • They make sure that the boat/ship is done corectly, on schedule, and within budget.


If you were a marine engineers & naval architect in 2010 you would get paid $79,920 for 2010.

Education necessary to do the job successfully.

The education you need to be a marine engineer & naval architect is a Bachelor’s degree.


  • You get a good paying job.
  • You get to be a leader and I like being a leader.


  • You have to put in a lot of hours.

Interesting facts

Only 5,900 people have this job.

From 2010 to 2020 their will be 17% more people that have this job.

How it relates to helping the enviroment.

If you are a marine engineer & naval architect you could design a boat that cleans up oil spills. If you clean up the oil you can save animals and keep the oceans clean just from making a boat.