Aircraft and Space Exploration

Take to the Sky

Dogfights and Peacekeeping

Gen5 Aircraft

If you were in Afghanistan and looked up to see this aircraft streaking through the sky, you would know you were in for a firestorm. This generation 5 aircraft is the 1st of its kind. It has stealth technology rendering radar useless in detecting this aircraft. Catching a glimpse of a FA-22 Raptor is almost impossible, flying up to 30 miles in the air and at 1,700 miles per hour at cruzing speed. This fighter can carry up to 40,000 pounds of weapons and unleash it in a devastating manner. This airplane can soar right into enemy territory, level 4 football stadiums and return to friendly airspace without the enemy knowing what hit them. The FA-22 Raptor is the newest way to wage war in the sky. The United States way to stand for air dominance.

World's First Scram Jet

The Scram Jet, an idea suggested a decade after the 2nd world war is finally being made practical. What is a Scram Jet? A scram jet is one of the most powerful types of jet existent that has great use in space. The Scram Jet will use the vaccum of space to compress its fuel which is already oxidized in a combustion chamber. The fuel ignites giving thrust. This engine needs no moving parts apart from the fuel injection and ignition systems. Scientists at NASA and airforce development programs estimate this aircraft being able to reach speeds of mach 18, which is 18 times the speed of sound easily achieved by thrust vectoring. Mach 18 is 11200 miles per hour, the same speed a space shuttle can reach at orbital re-enter at full throttle. The airforce is planning on the development in fear of enemies trying to destroy military satellites. Bring it on aliens....
Dogfights of the Future

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