Lexington & Concord

By: Matt, Josh, Chandler


  • In 1775 British troops were sent to confiscate colonial weapons and run into a militia they defeat 700 british soldiers and win the battle
  • Was the first military engagements of the Revolutionary War
  • Fought on April 19, 1775, in Middlesex County, Province of Massachusetts Bay, within the towns of Lexington, Concord, & Menotomy
  • In response, the british government in February 1775 declared Massachusetts to be in the state of rebellion
  • illegal Patriot shadow government known as the Massachusetts Provincial Congress was subsequently formed and began to train militia for possible hostilities
  • The first shots were fired just as the sun was rising at Lexington
  • The Militia were outnumbered and fell back, and the regulars proceeded on to Concord, where they searched for supplies
  • Approximately 500 militia men arrived soon after inflicted heavy damage on the British as they marched back towards Boston, also known as Battle Road Trail
  • The outnumbered regulars fell back from the minutemen after a pitched battle in open territory
  • Morre Milita men arrived soon after and inflicted heavy damage on the regulars as they marched back towards Boston
  • About 700 British Army regulars in Boston, under Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith, were given secret orders to capture and destroy rebel military supplies that were reportedly stored by the Massachusetts militia at Concord