The Greensboro Sit-In

February, 1960 Greensboro, North Carolina

The Greensboro Sit In

Four African-American college students--Joseph McNeil, David Richmond, Ezell Blair Jr., and Franklin McCain-- went to Woolworths Diner and sat at the counter even though they knew they wouldn't be served because of their race. They sat down and refused to leave until they were served. Soon, other African- Americans were doing the same thing. Punishments for this boycott were being burnt with cigarettes, pulled off stools, arrested, spat on, and many other rude treatments. The students responded with non-violence. These students held their mouths when others would of lost their temper and broken the steady non-violence.

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About the Authors

The authors are Elise Martineau and Daniela Sardo. They are both in 5th grade at Brooks Global Studies in Greensboro, North Carolina. They both love to read and write and that's our story. They also don't want to reveal too much information to strangers. (Well some of is enough information to keep strangers thinking they know about us)