3 reasons why you should read Nanberry

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Nanberry is a captivating story about a life of a Cadigal boy. This is an extraordinary novel to read for all ages and is a wonderful, entertaining tale. I believe that this novel is well worth reading for a number of reasons

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Firstly, the novel takes the reader on a extremely emotional journey, from the start to the end. Bad and Good things happen. For example, Jack Jackson was speared and died and how Nanberry survived the deadliest disease that time, Smallpox. Both of these events were tragic.

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In addition the book is absolutely historical, educational and detailed. It has the history of the British and the Indigenous. The examples given the First Fleet arrival (historical) Impact of the British settlement (educational) and the true facts (detailed).

My final argument is that in the book, there were amazing characters. All of their personalities were all different. Some of the characters were Nanberry, Surgeon White, Rachel and Maria. They were the main characters in the novel. It also had a interesting suspense. It has super intriguing chapters such as Chapter 60 (Nanberry) 1800 December.

In conclusion, I would like to restate my points such as why it was an emotional journey, how it was historical, educational an detailed, the amazing characters and the interesting suspense. Remember these are the 3 reasons why you should read Nanberry.