Mesopotamia Laws

By: Cherie Tantichalermsin

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What is Laws?

Laws is a set of rules created to protect people and their cites, and keep people safe from crimes. Laws are also a set of guidelines for people to follow and to learn about. Rules make sure people don't get killed. Laws are pretty much what keep us from violence and wars.

How was laws important or how it used by the Mesopotamians

Laws were important because without laws people wouldn't fear doing crimes, this world would be corrupt, and wars would happen. Without Laws people would be stealing and murdering for their own lives. Mesopotamians used it by learning about the rules, then helping people into custody and making Mesopotamia a safe place to live in. They were to protect the weak from the strong.

How laws changed through times

How laws influenced Western Civilization?

The laws had helped Western Civilization by having rules for them to follow and guiding them to the right not the wrong . Protecting their cities from harm and limiting themselves. Making their cities a safe place to live in.

Driving Question- What is Mesopotamia's greatest legacy?

I personally think that Laws has helped us the most because without laws people wouldn't fear doing bad things, such as murdering,stealing, or kidnapping. Laws exist to protect people from violence. Without laws, citizens would not have any guidelines to follow. No laws, people would have no discipline to the country and they could even start a riot. Laws is also use to protect the lower people from the higher people.