Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

AKA Acid, Tabs, California sunshine, loony toons, dots

Synthetically produced, LSD is an illegal subtance.

Category- Hallucinogen

It lasts about 12 hours and takes 30-90 minutes to feel effects

LSD takers experience visual changes (hallucinations) and extreme mood swings. Their sensible judgement is impaired. Some never recover from acid-induced psychosis. Users experience flashbacks from their trip and can develop a tolerance, which means they need to increase their dose to get another "high."

In 1985, 4.4% of high school seniors said they had tried acid. In 1997, it increased to 13.6%.

3.1 million Americans ages 12-25 said they have used LSD.

It is commonly used at dance-clubs & all-night raves.