🇰🇷South Korea🇰🇷

Gloria Namgung

Climate and Weather

  • Summers are hot and humid
  • The winters are very chilly and cold.
  • Rainy season in South Korea called jangma.
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More Facts:

Foods in South Korea

  • There is a spicy cabbage food in South Korea called Kimchi
  • A marinated and spiced meat called bulgogi in South Korea
  • There are noodles in Korea that are called Ramen
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Capital Cities and Countries Nearby

Capital City and Countries Nearby

  • Capital City of Korea is Seoul
Seoul is the capital city in South Korea. That is because Seoul is the largest city in South Korea. It is definitely one of the highlights in South Korea.
Countries nearby:
  • Russia
  • North Korea
  • Mongolia
  • China
  • Japan