Sarah Fisher

By Tanu

Who is Sarah Fisher?

Sarah Fisher is a famous race car driver. She has always been interested in NASCAR. Sarah

was born in Columbus , Ohio but she spent most of her life in Indiana, so she's considered

a Hoosier.

Life Before Fame!

Before Sarah was famous she won the world carting championship at ten years old. Also, in

2002 she set the track record at Kentucky Speedway. She's very talented.

Getting her fame

Sarah got famous for being the youngest girl to complete the Indy 500 at nineteen years

old! Sarah also runs ''Fisher racing '' that started in 2008. She also wrote a book called ''99

Things Women Wish They Knew Before Getting Behind The Wheel Of Their Dream Job, witch is a very, very long title !

It's Personal

Sarah married her racing chief after dating for two or three years. Sarah and chief had two

children in Indiana. They must be very happy and proud!

It's A Start

She started racing in 1985. Her first ''car'' was a pink, Barbie pedal car when she was four years old. She loved that car but Sarah grew out of it at six or seven years old.But she still has memories of her first ''car!''

Interesting Facts:

At thirty-five years old, she was unable to win the Indy car series but Danica Patrick had accomplished the feat, her middle name is Marie, and she was enrolled at O.S.U. in the same year she completed the Indy 500. She's super smart because there is a lot of math and science behind the art of NASCAR. That is super cool! :)

NASCAR facts:

Just regular NASCAR facts of Indianapolis: By the 1960's , the Indianapolis 500 had become the main claim to fame. People thought of Indianapolis as a city that woke up every May for the auto race, then went back to sleep for the rest of the year. People began calling Indianapolis ''Naptown'' !

The Conclusion Of This Paper! DONE, DONE, DONE! :)

I chose Sarah Fisher for my project because to me she's interesting and that proves it!

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