From the Facilitator's Desk

Important Information and Updates


We have come to the end of another wonderful week. We have had busy planning sessions and PD sessions. I hope that everyone got something out of the planning sessions and PD's this week. A special thank you to Ms. Cassam for initiating and spear-heading the book club. Please don't forget to read the assigned pages before next Wednesday. This is also a friendly reminder to respond to the blog and register for the PD. Standard I talks about teacher leadership in the school and the classroom and Standard V talks about being a reflective practitioner. Responding to the blog, taking part in the book club, and incorporating what you learn in the PD sessions will help you with these standards.

Thank you for completing the survey and reaching out to parents to complete the survey. We made our goal! Thank you to Mr. Yem for helping with the completion of student surveys.

Please help to welcome Ms. Carter, our new 5th grade teacher, to Croft. She comes to us with a wealth of experience. Please help her in anyway and make sure she feels at home!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this beautiful fall weather.


Kids Voting

We will take part in Kids Voting this year. Students will go to the computer lab to vote. A schedule will be communicated with you soon. This will take place towards the end of the month.

2015-2016 BOY Data

The BOY data is an attachment to the email that this link was sent. Please review the data, reflect, and come up with the "What Now" plan.

Planning Next Week

  • During planning next week, we will look at a read aloud and use the rubric to determine the complexity. We will not spend more than 10 min. on this process. Please bring an interactive book.
  • RTI Groups- We will talk about strategies and resources that will be used during RTI. I think the strategies are just as important as what sheet you will use. Please think of strategies prior to the meeting so that you are prepared to share.
  • RTI Plans-Please make sure that they are detailed.
  • I will give you TRC data during planning this week.
  • We will discuss cycle 1 post assessments. What can we do to move the dial even further?

Parent Teacher Conferences and PEP's

Don't forget that parent-teacher conferences are around the corner. Please start to schedule conferences and make sure that you have Tier II plans ready for their review. I will contact you by Monday with the answers to the lingering questions we had about PEP's.

Bulletin Boards

It's time to change your bulletin boards from the beginning of the year! Please make sure that work is rigorous and shows the wonderful things you are doing in class. Before posting, ask yourself, does everyone have the same or similar answer/response? Is this a worksheet? Did students have to use higher-order thinking and not just knowledge or comprehension to complete the task?

I'm excited to see the great work on the boards. Please have them updated before parent-teacher conferences.