Community Ranger

By: Kendall K.

Job Description

What you do as a Community Ranger is protect and preserve our nature and wildlife. You have to deal with the unwanted behavior that you would see in the woods. You are an enforcer of the rules to help people stay safe and be smart.
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Salary Range

The salary range for a Community Ranger is $23,900 a year and $11.49 an hour.
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Education Needed

The education needed to become a Community Ranger is a Bachelors Degree in Science. You also need a certificate in Animal Care, Deer Stalking, and First Aid.


The advantages of being a Community Ranger are if you like to go outside you get to be outside a lot. You get to help people be safe and make others who aren't become safe. You get to see all the wildlife and being a Community Ranger you get to talk to people. Also you can take your dog with you most days you are on the job.


The disadvantages of being a Community Ranger are you are putting yourself in danger protecting nature. You also have to do paperwork as a Community Ranger.

Interesting Facts

She gets to be outside almost all the time. She can keep her dog with her sometimes. You wok alone most of the time as a Community Ranger. You have to do paperwork. You may see a Community Ranger on horseback while on duty.

Environmental Relationship Between the Environment and Job

The relationship between a Community Ranger and the environment is that a Community Ranger works in nature and your job is to protect and keep nature safe. If there were no Community Rangers then out nature would be so abused and dangerous you may not want to go in the woods or anywhere else in nature.