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April 7, 2021

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Mrs. Westra's first graders invited Mrs. Vander Werf's TK students to their room to learn and see their animals. First grade students were able to share their knowledge about each of the animals they have been exploring. It was a FLEX (Foundational Learning Experience) opportunity.

First graders have worked hard becoming experts on fish, snails, worms, isopods and chicks. They also have had to take care of the animals while they were in their classroom.

Students were also able to share their "How To" writing with a TK friend by teaching them how to care for fish. At the end students were grinning from ear to ear. The first graders were so proud of all that they have been learning for the last five weeks.

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Trail’Raiser Night

Make plans to attend our 7th Annual Trail’Raiser Night on Saturday, April 17!

With pre-event donations and Prayer Notepad donations, we are down to about $210,000 debt remaining on our 2015 building expansion project! THANK YOU!! We pray that by the end of Trail’Raiser Night, the debt will be COMPLETELY DEFEATED!

THANK YOU to all who ordered Prayer Notepads and to the students for designing them!! $12,800 was raised by those notepads…which was doubled to $25,600 by matching funds!!

More details of Trail’Raiser Night are now online at

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We would love to have your help!

If you like to bake, you can help out by donating Gourmet Cupcakes, Bars, and Snack Mixes!
We provide the recipes for the bars & snack mixes, for the cupcakes you choose your favorite recipe(s).
We also provide clamshell containers (thanks to Casey’s Bakery!) and we make labels for you!

If you’re interested, click here for details and recipes:

Are you willing to help out at the event itself?

A link will be sent out this week with opportunities to help at the event!!

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Auction donations

We will be asking businesses for donations, but we also GREATLY APPRECIATE having donations from our families! We will not be doing classroom donations this year…so this would be a great year to donate an item or service! Ask a group of friends to brainstorm and go in together!

To donate, you may fill out an online donation form here:

Or connect with Amy Vander Berg, director of development & promotions. /// 712.441.4530 cell

Trail’Raiser Night Schedule:
Celebration of Learning Open House 3-5pm
Gourmet Cupcakes, Bars, and Snack Mixes & Truth T-shirt: 3pm – sold out
Freewill Supper with grilled pork loins/pork burgers: 4:30pm – 6:30pm
(there will be inside seating and a drive-thru option)

Live Auction: 6:30pm
Trailblazer Treats Concession Stand: 6-8:30pm


  • Please check the online calendar for upcoming events (
  • Transportation information for Friday, April 16 - SCCS will dismiss at 11:30 because of Grandparent/Special Friend day. Only the two Sioux Center Christian School buses (2014 and 2020) will be running the afternoon route. All other students will need to have their own transportation home from school.
  • Transportation information for Friday, April 30 - Sioux Center Community Schools do not have school on April 30 but SCCS does. Only the two Sioux Center Christian School buses (2014 and 2020) will be running the morning and afternoon routes that day. All other students will need to have their own transportation to and from school.


This is the time of year when teachers begin to create class lists for next year’s homerooms:

Q: What is the first step in developing class lists?

A: Your child’s current classroom teacher will connect with the other grade level teachers to complete a rough draft of the class list for next year. We have learned that it is important to begin with the professionals who spend seven hours a day with your child with other children at Sioux Center Christian School.

Q: What information do the teachers use to make the class lists?

A: We attempt to balance classes with regard to gender ratio, ability to work independently, academic needs, learning styles, social needs, behavioral concerns, and special needs.

Q: I always feel bad making a teacher request. If my heart is urging me to provide input, what is the proper way to communicate my input to the school?

A: Parent input is always welcome, and your input is carefully considered at all times. Please provide your input to Mrs. Mouw in writing by April 9.

Q: If I make a request, is it safe to assume my request will be honored?

A: We will do our best to honor requests made, but may not be able to do so with every request, due to the factors mentioned above.

Q: What if I provide my input during the summer or even after the class lists are posted in August?

A: This makes it difficult for the school to make adjustments for a few reasons: we oftentimes call the classroom teachers to figure out how this potential adjustment would upset their recommended balance, and it puts your child in a difficult situation when other students ask them why they changed classes.

Because of the fluidity of class lists involving new students throughout the summer, the lists will not be posted until August 1. We covet your prayers as we work through this process!


We are excited to welcome TK-8 grandparents and special friends to school on Friday, April 16 from 8:15-11:15. Students will be dismissed for the day at 11:30. Only the Christian school buses will run.

This year, we’d like to put in place some special mitigations in order to welcome people into the day.

To provide more space and smaller crowds, we are asking visitors to come to 1 of 2 time slots:

  • Grandchildren’s last names A-M - 8:15-9:45
  • Grandchildren’s last names N-Z - 9:45-11:15

If grandparents/special friends are not able to come during the assigned time, they are welcome to join in the other group. If you have several grandchildren/special friends at SCCS, you may come for as much of the morning as you need to visit each one in their classrooms.

If grandparents/special friends are not able to attend in person, we would love for them to join us via Zoom. Please contact the school office at by April 8 if you would like this option. We will send a Zoom link to the grandparent/special friend and will notify the teacher that they plan to attend virtually.

We look forward to this fun day at school!


Pork N Bands - The Covenant CRC Christian Education Committee along with the Fruited Plain invite you to Pork N Bands on Saturday, April 24! We will be serving Kramer’s famous pulled pork sandwiches with chips and a sweet treat. Serving starts at 5 in the parking lot of the Fruited Plain. We will be offering To-Go boxes as well. All donations from the meal go toward the Covenant CRC Christian Education Fund. Make sure to stay for the live music including Good Morning Bedlam and The Ruralists.

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Sioux Center Christian School offers a play-based, child-care opportunity for 4-years-olds enrolled in preschool called 4Care.

If you have a child who will be in preschool next year and are looking for childcare for the other half of their days, this is a great place for your child to enjoy hands-on, child-led, play-based learning at SCCS when preschool is not in session.

To learn more about 4Care and to reserve your child’s place, go to

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Tales and Trails Summer Camp

It’s time to think about summer and what your kids will be doing while you’re at work.

This is the 3rd year we are offering Tales and Trails Summer Camp – an educational and FUN summer supervision option for your kids! With exciting weekly themes, such as Cool Chemistry, Wild West, and Fabulous Flight, Tales and Trails offers ten weeks of active and engaging experiences for kids. Half-day and full-day options are available, plus parents can choose the weeks their child will attend.

Summer Camp is open to any children of the community who are 5-11 years of age by June 1. Share the info with your friends and neighbors and let them know they may now register. Forms are available outside the TRIP office or online:


Sioux Center Christian School has just posted our new job openings for the 2021-22 school year. If you would like to be part of a dedicated faculty, staff, and board, and you enjoy working with His covenant children, check out the full job descriptions and how to apply at the link below.

Faculty positions:




Staff positions:


  • Dishwasher volunteers needed: We could use more dishwashers to help out in the kitchen from 11:15-1:00 each day. If you would like to help out you can sign up here. If you have questions, contact Carmen Mulder (
  • You can find the lunch and dishwashing schedule here.


  • The Office Handouts is the place to check regularly for camp information, registration forms, and more! Currently there is information for:

Unity Christian Sports Camps

Dordt Defender Baseball Youth Camp

Dordt Girls Basketball Camp

Dordt Boy's Basketball Camp

Unity Christian Junior Knights Baseball

Unity Christian Junior Knights Softball

Unity Christian Dance Team

Unity Christian Softball Camp

Unity Christian Baseball Camp

Sioux Center 2021 Summer Driver's Ed Class

Western Christian Junior Wolfpack Baseball

Western Christian Wolfpack Baseball Camp

Oak Grove Summer Camps

Dordt Women's Basketball Camp for Grades 4-8

Western Christian Softball Camp

Western Christian Junior Wolfpack Softball

Dordt University Sports Camps

  • Staff Member of the Month: Nominate a staff member to become the Pella Corporation Staff member of the month. Pella Corporation will award one monthly recipient $500.00 to use towards school approved items and a certificate of recognition. A nomination form can be found here.
  • ETM (Early Teen Ministries) for 7th & 8th graders: Come to our end of the year party on April 10 from 5:00-7:00pm. We will have pizza at church (1st CRC) and then go on a scavenger hunt. Questions? Contact Lisa Dykstra (


The mission of Sioux Center Christian School is to disciple God's children by equipping them with a knowledge and understanding of Christ and His Creation so that they can obediently serve God and others as they work and play.