Internet Safety

be carful what you do online

Internet safety or online safety is the security of people and their information when using the Internet.

Ways to stay safe online

Helpful tips

Ways to stay safe online

Number one don’t talk to strangers in online chat rooms

Number two don’t put private information online such as address, phone number, school

Number three when taking pictures or on skype don’t forget to sign out because people can skype you and your camera could be on and they could find out where you live or look around in your house

Number four this is similar to number two when on any website tag anybody in photos or like don’t say where you were like ‘just went to the Wisconsin dells ‘ people could track you down

Number 5 if you do talk in chat rooms only talk to a screen name you know and if a stranger goes on as the person you know and ask to meet don’t do it best advice don’t talk in chat rooms !!

Number 6 don’t give your password to anyone not even your best friend or siblings only to your parents

Number 7 don’t go on any websites that are not appropriate