Anne Frank

Anne was a young girl who wasn't afraid to speak her mind to anyone. Her and her family went into hiding with other people to hide from the Nazis. She was constantly arguing with her mother, mr. Vandaan, and mr. Düssel. She also loved to write. She wrote in her diary everyday while they were in hiding. She even said she wanted to publish the journal because she wanted to be a writer. But one day the police found them and captured them. They sent them to camps all across Europe. They all died in different camps except for Anne's father mr. Frank.
To represent Anne I chose a notebook because stephe wrote in it everyday before they were captured. Anne wrote in her diary no matter what, good or bad. Anne loved to write in her diary about anything.once her father went back to the annex where they hid he found Anne's diary. He read that she wanted to become a writer. So he published it and it is now known as The Diary of Anne Frank.
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I chose the Hanukkah candles also to represent Anne because in the play there was a happy scene. In hiding even though they were going through their hard times they still celebrated Hanukkah. They were all talking about how they remembered the presents but they couldn't get any. Then Anne surprised everybody with homage gifts
One theme from The Diary of Anne Frank is to always have hope. Even while the green police were coming up the stairs to capture them she still wrote in her diary. She wrote that she hoped she could write in it again. Throughout the play she has hope that they're eventually going to get out by thinking about what she would do when they did. She even said she wanted to go to Paris and become a writer.
Another theme is to have courage. Everyday Anne had courage to push through the hard conditions they were in. She had the the courage to get through all the arguments and fights happening. She was able to get up and be quiet all day until the workers left from below them. They couldn't even use the bathroom until the workers left. Anne had the courage to want to go places and do things when she got older.