Baseball PSA

By: Adrian Minjares P.2 Ms.Krug

Have you ever actually thought how hard Professional baseball players lives are?

People get kidnapped for being a superstar that play the game of baseball and have to live knowing that their family is being held somewhere else while they are playing baseball and being free.

My Evidence:

Leonys Martin when he first signed with the Texas Rangers got a huge contract and was demanded to give his signing bonus to the guys that smuggled him out of Cuba or he wouldn't see his family again.

My Perspective:

I think that it is sad that people are willing to kidnap someone that has potential in the sport that they love because they want a piece of money for just smuggling the player out of their home country. And are willing to take away their family just so they can be paid for kidnapping someone into the states.

No one succeeds without effort... Those who succeed owe their success to perseverance.

Another example of how Baseball players lives are?

Most of the international players go to some sort of baseball academy at a young age because they decide to devote their life to play baseball and leave their parents. I’m sure some players get homesick while playing for the academy. But I’m sure if they make it to the Big League then they try to reunite with their families.

My Perspective:

Its sad how the world has changed to where kids just want to leave home and play a game that involves them not to be with their families until they turn pro or don’t make it to the next level. But I can imagine how the parents feel about letting their child go for 6-12 years to a baseball academy and not knowing how he is or how he's doing.