Team update

Hi everyone,

Let me start by saying it's been a huge surprise for all of us that the Anderson's have stepped aside. Rest assured, they have simply closed the Ava Anderson Non-Toxic LLC and have not closed the company. I have been trying to keep everything up to date on the team forum, but I know a few of you do not visit FB very often.

Here is the most recent information:

A) The home office staff that are taking over the company are:

- Bob Manny Chief Operating Officer-21 years in this industry. Also worked at Princess House

(for those who don't know, Princess House was Ava's grandfather's company).

- Robin Ehrenzweig- worked with Princess House, as VP of Marketing Initiative, Worked for

Party Lite as Director of International Marketing.
- Nick Milligan CFO- in industry for 8 years. He started with the company about 7 months ago.

- Anna Soares-Director of consultant administrations and events. Started with Ava Anderson when it launched. Helping with new enrollments, our back office. Working with

every department they have.
- Marianne Friedlund-Director of Training for 2 years. Built a top team in Pampered Chef doing two parties a week no matter what.

B) I hope everyone is choosing to stay on with the company. If you are, you will need to renew your contract AND buy a new starter kit. Details about the contents and cost have not been revealed yet, but I expect it to be the same - $99 for about $350 of product, training information and business supplies.

If you are on the fence about renewing, please let's talk some more. This is a fantastic opportunity to restart your business if you've been putting it on the back burner!

C) Information regarding all products, their reformulations, and availability have been updated on the overview page of the back office. Please visit that listing often for important information.

D) Parties HAVE TO BE CLOSED by Feb 5th to get those January rewards!

Please try to close these out by the 31st! And, please remind customers that their orders will take a bit longer to get to them as they continue the transition. Use up your catalogs, Did You Knows, etc. before the end of Feb!

E) New Consultant bonus for those who enrolled before January 22nd, who have TWO PARTIES of $300 each WILL EARN THE BONUS! Those parties MUST be closed out on or before your 30th day!!

F) If you have signed up for conference, but have decided you are not going to go, please contact Anna Soares at before 2/15 for a refund. Further details about conference will be coming soon, but it is still being planned for April 22-24th.

G) Focus your energy, not on fighting the old, but looking to the new! There is really NO reason you have to explain anything to any new customers! If current customers or people who have heard/ read things, then a concise explanation would suffice. Short and sweet being sure to accentuate the positives of the new company keeping on with Ava's mission, having everything being made in house, etc.

Please do not hesitate to call or message me with any questions or concerns.

As Kim used to say, Chase Excellence!