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December 6, 2013

PTO Holiday Shop and Pancake Breakfast

Hope to see everyone tomorrow, Saturday, December 7th, at Meadow Lane for our annual Holiday Shop and Pancake Breakfast from 8:00 to 11:00. There will even be a special visitor from the North Pole! Hope to see you there!

Coming Up Next Week...

Reading-We will be hitting the icy waters in search of whales for the next week and a half! We will be reading both informational (Whales) and narrative text (Dear Mr. Blueberry & Ibis, A True Whale Story) We will be working on making inferences (using clues from the author and our schema to comprehend the text) and will be learning a rap I wrote (coming soon to our Weebly site!). I will also be introducing the concept of synthesizing which involves gaining a deeper understanding of the text.

Writing-We will continue to work on our district writing assessment. The students are taking this task so seriously and I am so impressed with their effort and use of the writing process!

Social Studies-We will be writing our interview questions for our urban guests and hopefully, fingers crossed,will try Skyping.

Math-We have been working on Topic 8 this week. Topic 8 involves addition of two-digit numbers with regrouping. We will be taking the Topic 8 test on Friday. We will be taking a district benchmark test this week as well. Benchmarks tests are given throughout the year to monitor students' progress in math.

Pennies for Shoes Drive-December 9-13

The Meadow Lane Student Government is collecting money for the Pennies for Shoes drive. Please send in pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters. The money will go to the Mayor's Christmas Tree Fund which will help the Center of Grace provide shoes for children in need. Students came home today with a colored ribbon on their shoe to help remind them to bring in a donation. If our students reach the goal of $600, Mr. Lowe, Mr. Manny, and other staff members will have a jalapeno eating contest! Thank you so much for your support of this great cause!

New to Our Website...Story Jumper


I added another button to our Symbaloo. This website is called Story Jumper. The username is afontaineml and the password is 123456. This class LOVES to write so this website is perfect! It allows the students to create a book by adding text and designing creative illustrations. You can even upload photos from your computer and put them in the book. It evens turns the pages like a book! They can share their creations during our Author's Chair.

I also put the Sid Shuffle video on there (They will know what that is) in case they need to get up and dance from being cooped up inside all weekend. :) It is under the "LEARNING VIDEO" tab under "MORE."

Thank You So Much For Sending In Reading Calendars!!!

Don't forget to read, read, read! It really does make a huge difference in their fluency, vocabulary development, comprehension, and appreciation of reading. If you need any book ideas, please let me know.

Spelling List 15 (pattern-singular words ending in y changed to a plural)


















Congratulations to our Students of the Week-Gracyn Jones and Kade Morris!

Specials Schedule






Stay Warm!