Mrs. Jenkins' Class Newsletter

January 2016

Curriculum Information

Welcome back to school! I have missed your children and am so excited to get started with January.

Math: Before the break we just finished Chapter 3 and finished the chapter test. Most of the children did pretty well. So we will be starting Chapter 4.

Reading: We are focusing on text structures, main idea as a continual emphasis as well. Most of our studies will be done out of Storyworks and from their literature books.

Writing: This month we will be stressing Informational Writing to prepare them for a writing test in February.

Science: We just finished the Weather unit and took the test before the break. So, now we are rotating back to Social Studies.

Social Studies: We are starting to talk about Mountain Men of Cache Valley. We will be having a Mountain Man come and talk with the children about the tools, history, and activities of the Mountain Men.

We also gave the students their mid-Dibels and mid-I Ready tests before the break. I have those results ready to look at and decide groupings this next week. As always, if you have anything you'd like to add to our lessons please let me know! We'd love to have you!