The Constitution

Civics 2nd period Yohanna Torres

Separation Of Powers

The legislative branch makes laws and is the closets to the people

The judicial branch interprets the laws and takes care of court

The executive branch enforces the law

Checks And Balances

its the separation of powers every branch can check up on each other to make sure that every branch is doing what there suppose to do and no ranch is too powerful If the President does not believe the bill is good for the country then the can veto it but if the legislative branch has a specific amount of votes they can over ride the veto and then it becomes a law

The Branches

Federalists VS. Anti-federalists


-federalists believed in a strong central government

-they believed in the constitution

-they didn't see how they needed a bill of rights

-had a lot of members most were wealthy


-Anti-federalists didn't believe in a strong central government

-they believed in a weaker central government and more state rights

-they didn't believe in the constitution

-they wanted a bill of rights

-had few most were farmers


The preamble talks about how the consistution will protect rights its the introductory to the constitution It says how the constitution is to serve